Back in 2005 Estelle was a single mum who at her lowest was battling with mental health issues and had to rely on foodbanks. Struggling to surviving and barely existing Estelle decided to use what skills she had and started her first business Love Photography 13 Weddings with no experience or investment. It was at this point she realised the struggles of trying to grow a business whilst being a parent with limited business skills. The lack of time, resources and the constant overwhelm of having to learn on your feet and FAST was something that so many people were facing alone.

After realising that she was not alone in this struggle Estelle co-founded a community that grew to over 250k followers and enabled hundreds of thousands d women around the world to network in a child friendly environment and grow their businesses at the same time.

Along the way Estelle has helped 132 women become #1 amazon best selling authors and has been featured in Forbes, Daily Mail, BBC, Womans Own, Daily Telegraph and many more international publications on and offline.

Estelles focus is now enabling even more women to access online support and trainings to help them growth their confidence and business in the same way that she did!

Estelle has graced many stages over the last 3 years and shared her journey from Foodbank to Forbes ( with much humour ) with thousands of people, inspiring and empowering them aswell as educating them with her incredible knowledge of Instagram.

Known as one of the UKs leading Instagram Expert, Estelle’s delivery and interactive trainings light up the room and leave audiences excited about their own business journeys.

With help from incredible experts and business extraordinaires, Immortal Monkey bring you everything from LIVE online trainings and webinars to coaching courses and team trainings.

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