Estelle will fire up and energise any size of audience, at any venue, in any industry - from Karen Bradys Women in Business Expo, Reach Next Generation at The Etihad stadium to The UKs biggest Photo and Video Show held at NEC and hundreds of small and medium-sized organisations across the UK.

Estelles presentations are renowned for their power, energy, and valuable messages about life and are delivered in an uplifting manner with no small measure of humour. From speaking to conference audiences of 3,000+ to intimate internal team meetings, Estelle always leaves people inspired to act.

Flexible formats for:
Any sized conference / keynote

Internal conferences / workshop .

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Estelle Keeber is a hugely inspiring and highly sought after motivational speaker. With almost a decade of experience in sharing her powerful story and tried-and-tested motivational techniques, she knows how to leave audiences feeling pumped up, connected, and inspired to achieve more.

Flexible formats for:

Schools and colleges

Workplace wellbeing / motivation workshops


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Where it all began

Estelle Keeber's remarkable journey is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. Defying the odds, she emerged victorious, refusing to succumb to life's challenges. From a humble beginning of leaving school with 10 GCSEs and no clear path ahead, Estelle's path was riddled with trials. She battled through domestic abuse, mental health struggles, child loss, and even betrayal. Yet, she defied the narrative, refusing to be a statistic.

Against all odds, Estelle's story took a transformative turn. Rising from the ashes, she not only found her voice but amplified it on a global stage. As a world-class speaker and educator, she captivates audiences, inspiring them with her unwavering spirit. Her journey led her to establish a million-pound company, a testament to her entrepreneurial prowess.

Estelle's ascent didn't stop there. From being a small business owner, she soared to becoming a best-selling author, an Instagram maven, and a motivational force. Her expertise garnered recognition from prestigious platforms like Forbes, solidifying her status as a thought leader.

Learn from Estelle Keeber's extraordinary narrative. Discover how she dismantled barriers, navigated the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship, and emerged as a beacon of hope and success. Her story is a testament that with resilience, passion, and unwavering dedication, you can transcend hardships and achieve greatness.

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