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 Meet Estelle Keeber – a powerhouse female entrepreneur, Instagram expert, author, and a motivational speaker extraordinaire! With an impressive track record spanning 8 years, Estelle has graced stages all over the world, captivating audiences with her infectious energy and inspiring talks. As an Instagram guru, she has cracked the code to help businesses thrive in the digital era, unleashing the true potential of social media marketing. Through her insightful books and electrifying speeches, Estelle empowers individuals to unleash their inner brilliance and reach new heights. With her finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving marketing landscape, Estelle Keeber's expertise has garnered well-deserved recognition, making her a true standout in the industry. Get ready to be motivated, enlightened, and inspired by the remarkable Estelle Keeber!


How can we help you?

Whether you are a large corporate organisation or a small business owner needing some inspiration and support we can help. 


Elevate your events and empower minds with Estelle Keeber, your go-to inspirational speaker. Whether you're organizing a dynamic business conference for delegates hungry for insights or seeking impactful school careers advice for hundreds of students, Estelle Keeber delivers with passion and expertise. With a proven track record of sparking motivation and fostering growth, Estelle's engaging talks ignite the spark of ambition. Her unique blend of real-world experience and relatable storytelling captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impression. Book Estelle Keeber today to unlock the potential of your event and inspire positive change in every listener.

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Instagram Consultancy

What is Instagram Consultancy?

Working with me on a consultancy basis means that you have my full support, long term in creating a strategy that achieves your long-term goals.

This includes creating and planning social media campaigns, content planning, in person Instagram marketing training, resources and ongoing support.

Who is it for
Consultancy is for businesses that need more than just a quick kick up the bum when it comes to Instagram marketing.

Consultancy works on a 6 – 12 month plan of action that helps you to achieve your goals as well as supporting you in creating the campaigns and content to do so.

Consultancy works really well for small businesses who don’t have a budget for a full time social media manager or content creator.

Maybe one of the team are muddling their way through posting to socials just to be present? If so, consultancy is for you.

How does it work

We have an initial chat to discover what your goals are and the level of training you or your team members will need. Once we are clear on your needs are, I then create a bespoke in-depth training session ( in person / online ) which will allow you and/or your team to have a greater understanding of the platform ensuring that you are able to understand the process and features we are going to be covering moving forward.

Depending on the level of consultancy you require, we then move forward with weekly calls, progress sessions and further training to ensure you are on target to hit your goals.

At all times, my support is just an email away!


Whether you decide to work with me for 3 months ( my minimum contract ) or a 2 years, I can guarantee that if you put in the work, follow by advice and show up, you will see the results you are hoping for and more!

I will exceed your expectations. Not only will you have a much greater understanding of how the platform works you will have worked for at least 3 months alongside an expert who has helped you understand why having a strategy is important, how to implement steps to achieve our goals and how to continue creating content with purpose.

You will have more clarity, structure, knowledge and see a return on investment.

How much is consultancy?

We have 2 tiers. Tier 1 is £400 pcm and includes 3 hours 1:1 support, Tier 2 is £700 pcm and includes 6 hours 1:1 support alongside everything else mentioned ( resources, in person training etc )

Why work with me?

In the last 8 years I have helped thousands of businesses make more impact using Instagram. My results and testimonials speak from themselves. If you follow my advice, I guarantee results. Working with me means that you will not only have an expert to hand but you will also have accountability and on going support for those moments when you just need a bit of help!

So if you’re a small business who wants to make more impact with a better strategy on Instagram rather than posting and praying you get results, drop me a message and find out more.


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1:1 Instagram Power Hour

What are 1:1 Instagram power hours?

Power hour sessions are 1 hour sessions where we delve into your biggest pain points on Instagram and look at what you need to break through those barrier to start making an impact on Instagram.

Here are some of the things people have used this power hour for:  

• creating up to 12 months of content
• understanding where to put calls to actions
• learning how to attract their ideal clients
• shifting their audience / content focus
• crafting an opt in to drive traffic to a sign up or website
• how to create reels that go viral
• how to use your IG to grow your FB group
• how to become known as an expert in your niche

Who is it for?

Power hour sessions are for business owners who want a quick burst of support to get them moving forward on Instagram. Maybe you would love to have a social media manager but don’t have the budget? This one off session is perfect for getting you on the right track and moving forward.

Here are some of the reported results
• £12,000 of sales in one month
• Increased reach of over 500%
• 20x more reel engagement
• 10x more sign ups
• Increase in membership subscription
• New residual income streams
• Increased confidence and knowledge in using the platform

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The Insta Queens Guide to Content That Converts by Estelle Keeber

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