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Instagram features for 2022 you are going to love!

updates Dec 21, 2021

New Instagram features for 2022 you need to know about!


Well what it year it has been…and if 2021 is anything to go by 2022 is going to be a banger over on the Gram!

So what do you have to look forward to…well I cant promise but…here’s a few of my 2022 Instagram update predictions


Easier discoverability 

Map search is the latest Instagram feature that allows users to find the location of different businesses within the Instagram app. With one click on the map icon, users can now see directions about nearby places like restaurants, bars, cafeterias, entertainment venues, and more. Additionally, once users click on a specific business, they can find out more information like location, price of products and services, as well as public posts marked with the business’ location.

Now this is a great reason for you to be tagging in your locations on your posts! Make it even easier for people to find you!


Multiple links in bio

More than 1 link in bio. Now this is another biggy I am super excited about. Right now you can only have 1 link in your Instagram bio (check our MEMBERS AREA for training on how to create a banging bio ) unless you use a 3d party app or have a dedicated landing page. This update would mean no more messing around with going outside of Instagram for multiple links options. I have a feeling Instagram will also include insights which will details which posts and links get the most traction and from who…just a prediction however!


Photo Id and Guardian options

A couple of safety features I’m looking forward to seeing especially after my campaigning in 2021 ( Watch the ITV News interview here ) are the guardianship feature and ID verification. Both features will make a huge difference in safeguarding our children whilst using the app. Great updates I really do hope to see in 2022.


External links in Scheduled lives.

This was a prediction I also included in the blog The best bits of Instagram 2021. The scheduled lives was a great new feature in 2021 and in 2022 we are going to see the option to link to external website too. Brilliant for those of you who want to redirect people to another platform.


Reels…the updates are going to be endless.

Its hard to believe but reels are actually well over a year old now. People were slow to come to reels but boy are they booming now. 2022 will see tonnes of updates but a few im excited for are the importing audio. This means that you will be able to upload any video and take the audio from it and use for a reel as long as its more than 5 seconds long.

Talking of audio, another creative update we are going to see in reels will be the sound effect feature. Fart, door bell, bang and pinch are just a few of the sounds we can expect to be hearing.

And…one last feature I cannot wait for in reels…an easy to navigate menu option. Instagram will be bring us a menu which will feature our saved reels, saved reels audios and effects all on on place!


Custom newsfeed

Another great way to keep users on the app is going to be the tailored news feed…that is created just for you. A totally custom feed that you are in control of…something so many people have been crying out for. The new filter timeline will give you the choice to see content from home, following or favourites. Im guessing its self-explanatory here…the people you add to your favourites…is the content you will see first. I cannot wait!


And to finish…MODERATORS on Instagram live! YAY!

Moderators will be able to take people off the live, reply to comments on behalf of the broadcaster and can leave at any point. This will be a great way to enable value packed live content. The broadcaster can concentrate on delivering whilst the moderator can take control of the conversation!


As I said these are all just predictions and whispers through the Instagram grapevine…however…remember you heard it here first!


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I look forward to seeing you all over on the Gram in 2022…don’t forget to follow us @immortalonkeyofficial