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5 easy ways to make more sales this Christmas using Instagram!

Nov 25, 2022

When it comes to getting more eyes on your products using Instagram I could literally go on for days. Instagram is one of the fastest developing apps that want users to have a fully personalised experience and this doesn’t just mean content it now means putting the products you want in front of you too.

Ever wonder how once you have looked for something on Instagram you then start to see more of it?

That is the algorithm. So, the big question is, how do you get YOUR products popping up on more peoples feed?

Like I said I could list a hundred ways to make more sales using Instagram ( maybe that should be a FREE PDF? ) but Im going to focus on the simplest things that take the least amount of time. So lets go.

First of all, NOW is the time. Don’t wait a day longer to start shouting about what amazing products you have about to drop. If your product hasn’t even launched yet create a hype sharing sneak peeks in your stories or onto Instagram Reels? If it has already launched how are you shouting about it? Be sure to share it on all of the ‘layers’ of Instagram ( reels, main feed, stories and live ) Remember each one of your audience is different and consumers content in different ways so to make sure you are hitting all bases be sure to share it across!

Did you know that the polls sticker is a great way to create warm leads and find people who are already interested in your product. People who view your stories are people who already follow you so are clearly interested in your content. Why not take it one step further and start a real conversation with them using your polls sticker.

The polls sticker allows you to ask a question to your audience and they then have up to 4 different choices that YOU can personalize. A great one for Christmas is to ask Who do you have left to buy gifts for? Mum, Brother, Kids, Partner. Every single person who votes on the poll is giving you an opportunity to start a conversation. Follow up the poll with a DM asking if they would like some help in finding the perfect gift. Boom…you have a perfect opportunity to show them your amazing products.

Remind people about postage and delivery deadlines using the countdown sticker ( also great for launching a product ) This is a great sticker than can be used for lots of different things such as new product launches, sales and promotions but for this example and with Christmas coming we will use postage cut offs as an example.

The countdown sticker allows you to add an event and end time which is displayed in your stories. When people tap the countdown sticker, they will then get a reminder when the countdown runs out. This is a great way to engage with your audience without having to do anything. This nudge from Instagram will appear in their notifications.

With the busy lives we all need, this feature is great for reminding people about anything you have coming up.


The reminder in post feature is similar to the countdown sticker in stories and works in pretty much exactly the same way. When you create a post you will see below the caption the option for you to set a reminder. Again, like with the countdown sticker you have the option to add a title and start and end time. This then shows as a small calendar icon at the bottom of the post. When followers tap on this icon they will then sign up for reminders. Unlike the countdown sticker where you just get one notification, with the reminder in posts you get 3 notifications. One 24 hours prior to the event, one and hour before and one when it starts. How cool is that? Responsive messaging and all you have to do is add a reminder to your post!

And of course I couldn’t share my top tips without mentioning Instagram Reels. The easiest way to get more eyes on your account and they dont have to include any dancing at all.

Reels templates are a super easy and quick way to share video content and share your own products too. Simply find a template you like, there’s lots of trending Christmas audios at the minute, add your images or video and away you go. Not one dance move busted!

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Ive already started sharing some fun festive audio your can use for reels, check them out here and tag me @estellekeeberofficial in your creations too!

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