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Create viral Instagram reels using Canva!

Jan 07, 2022
Have you seen that you can create the amazing and bang on trend Insta reels inside canva?
Did you see the 2021 recap trend where images flashed on screen to Adele's audio?
Did you try to create it in reels?
If you did Im sure you will isnt easy!
Trying to clip each segment inside the reels app is soooo hard BUT did you know you can create these amazing reels with images or video set to your specific duration in CANVA for FREE?
Heres how... ( for those of you that are more visual and want to check out the video be sure to join the Members Only Area )
1 - Inside Canva search for Instagram Reels templates
2 - Select your template or create a blank design
3 - Upload your images / videos
4 - Click on the first slide and set the duration.
5 - Duplicate the slide and again set the duration.
6 - Now there are usually multiple images of the same duration in these sorts of reels so now simply duplicate as many times as required, this saves you having to set a new duration on each.
7 - Drag and drop your images onto the slide
8 - Download from Canva to your phone
9 - Upload to Reels and add your audio
If you would like to learn more about Canva then check out the AMAZING guest expert training by the amazing  Laura Goodsell which is featured inside our Members Only area...opening early 2022...join the waitlist now!