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Creating a Connection

blog estelle popular Aug 31, 2019

Creating a Connection by Estelle Keeber

Hey hey blog fans!

The last few weeks I’ve been going through waves of different emotions. Sometimes I’m super excited, sometimes I’m nervous, sometimes I literally feel sick that people are about to read all about my life. The good the bad and the ugly bits too! After helping 91 other women to become best selling authors and share their stories you would think that I would be a dab hand at dealing with the nerves BUT I can tell you, now its my story that’s being shared the nerves have 10x’d 

The response from reviewers has been amazing and what has really had the biggest impact on me is the realisation that we already have a tribe of incredible and supportive women who love us regardless of whatever is written in the book. In fact the response has been that they love us even more now they know what we have been through to get to where we currently are. They love how we have shared things about our lives, that although hard to talk about, will hopefully make others feel less alone. 

Our tribe feel like they already know us because for the last 27 months we have shared, shared and shared some more…all of the bits of our lives. Business and personal. To the point where YOU all now feel like you know us. 


And THIS is the point I want to get across to you all in this blog. Allowing people to see the real you helps them to relate, to feel like they get you. This is a tip across the board regardless of which social media platform you chose to you. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in…what ever SM platform you use…you NEED to be personable…you have a tribe of people out there just waiting for you to move into your true weirdness ( because we all feel like no one will get us, I promise ) and start to bring together likeminded people. 

Keep an eye on an upcoming blog which will talk all about the different ways YOU can share YOUR story using features on Instagram. 

Until next time…  

Much love Estelle 
Aka Insta Queen