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February Insta Updates

blog estelle Mar 16, 2021

Two months down into 2021 and the Instagram updates are evolving fast! Insta is constantly introducing new features but if you aren’t aware of them how can you make the most of them for your small business?

Professional Dashboards

Insta introduced a unique dashboard for Business and Creator accounts making their features accessible from one central hub.

Offering a snapshot with a mixture of analytics, tools and insights to help you optimize your social media strategy.



Insta Stories

It’s rumoured that developers are testing a new layout which would see Stories taking on a horizontal feed.

The move mimics how users are currently engaging with videos and Reels. This would make it a lot easier to view Stories when exploring new content.

Sharing Content

While sharing content with others and even saving has become the new ‘Like’ it seems the social media giant is trialling removing the ability to share posts to Stories.

On the other hand we could soon see the ability to share tweets directly into Instagram.

Recently Deleted Folder

We all know the pain of posting the wrong content but even worse when we delete a post by accident!

Insta have now launched a new feature that enables users to access recently deleted content… and even enable those who’ve had their content deleted by hackers to recover their work.

TikTok Content Shadowbanned?

Insta are very well known for blocking content which does not promote its features or goes against its community guidelines.

While the platform has taken on TikTok-like elements it is NOT a massive fan of promoting repurposed content. Users have started to even report a drop in engagement!

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Bio Snapshot in DMs

You can now view a snapshot of a users bio when you DM them. This is a great chance to promote your biz and ensure you’re connecting with the right audience.

Likes and Comments count in Reels

Insta has given Likes and Comments count a very special location in videos… and they’ve even made them appear smaller.

Which one of these updates have you noticed? Are there any you love?

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