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How Has Covid19 Impacted On Your Screen Time?

blog estelle Apr 02, 2020

How has Covid19 impacted on your screen time? by Estelle

My top tips on being productive on social media.

After my comments were used as part of a Business Insider article a few weeks ago I thought that I would throw the question out to our community of over 55k working women. Has Covid19 effected your screentime?

The article quoted that since lockdown more of us than ever our using our devices more. Whether this is through necessity in using them to work from home… or if it is procrastinating due to being at home with less time restrictions leading us to more time scrolling.

The response I got was pretty mixed with some people saying that they were spending more time on devices but their businesses were booming as a result and also a lot of people saying that they were finding it hard to resist another 5 minutes on Instagram or maybe a Facetime with a mate. In this time of isolation is social media the only way to stay social?

For a lot of people they cannot avoid using their phones and so I wanted to share a few of my favourite tips that will help you to save time, have more impact in less time…and have time to check out your favourite accounts!

Tip 1 – Plan and schedule your posts wherever possible. Setting time to sit and plan what you are going to post will take time in the beginning but you will thank yourself later, trust me! The MIBA Guide to Growing Your Instagram is the perfect way to plan and track your Instagram posts and growth with dedicated pages to planning content and evaluating whats working best for you.

Tip 2 – Have a device time schedule. Plan when during the day you are going to check emails and stay focussed. Plan when you are going to interact in groups or communities online and stay focussed. Plan in time to catch up and scroll. Get into a routine of doing these things at a certain time and resist going back to them until the next time allocated. Most importantly be realistic. Checking emails once every 30 minutes is a little crazy!

Tip 3 – If you are struggling with managing your screen time or don’t even realise how much time your spending on your phone you can check using a screen time app. I know on iPhone we have one built in. It keeps a track on the amount of time you are on certain apps, how many minutes each day or week and shows if this amount was an increase or decrease on the previous week. Great for people who are visual like me!

So theres just a few of my favourite time saving tips that are really easy to implement and will save you tonnes of time!

I would love to know if you have a favourite tip you would like to share…or maybe let us know which of the 3 I mentioned your going to try! Drop me amessage over on my insta @estellekeeberofficial and keep an eye out for more social media tips!

Until next time stay safe…

Estelle x