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I'm Blacking Out... Are YOU? #NoRoomForRacism

blog estelle Apr 29, 2021

As a business owner that has built a 7 figure business using social media I feel utterly conflicted as I know many other business owners will.

Having suffered online abuse and trolling myself, I campaign for the laws to change when it comes to online accountability and hate speech however taking 3 days off of the platforms that bring me my revenue is worrying especially after the impact of Covid….

After discussion with other business owners I know they feel the same.

BUT we have survived Covid.

Almost 14 months of having our business hit, month after month.

So really?

Can you not stand up, be counted and boycott social media for just 3 days?

Now I know this may seem crazy being a business who teaches business growth using social media BUT….

WE need to fight for the protection of the users.

WE need to stand up and use OUR power to say enough is enough.

WE have a responsibility to make social media a safe space for everyone.

We fully support the blackout and was utterly shocked and disgraced by the lack of action from Facebook after offences were reported – See article

Should regulations have been put in place before now, we would not be forced into making this decision.

In response to the sustained discriminatory abuse received online by players and others connected to the game, English football ( and Immortal Monkey ) will unite for a social media boycott from 15:00 BST on Fri 30 April to 23:59 BST on Mon 3 May.

For more information click here – English football announces social media boycott from 30th April to 3rd May to protest against online abuse – TechnoSports

We hope that you will stand with us and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

Immortal Monkey Team