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Instagram Features

Nov 12, 2021

Instagram Features

 Do you make the most of using your Instagram features. A lot of times businesses aren’t sure how to incorporate certain features onto their account, don’t think that they are for them or are unsure of how to use them. Using Instagram’s multiple features can help to grow your account and increase reach, visibility, and engagement.


As Instagram have shifted their focus from photo sharing to video and entertainment there is a huge focus on Reels. Reels on Instagram reels allow users, creators, and business accounts to share short videos. With trending culture a lot of reels are recreations. Reels can also be used for education purposes and providing valuable content for your audience as well as entertainment purposes. Just because reels are short clips doesn’t mean they cant be informative, they can help you connect with your audience more and get your message across. Users engage and enjoy watching reels more. As the most popular feature on Instagram right now, the algorithm will prioritise reels content more that any other format. They are great to show a brands image and personality!

 The Reels on Repeat training covers all the basics you need to create entertaining and engaging reels, so if you’ve been unsure about how to create a reel, we have provided a training with 7 easy videos to follow!

 You can purchases the Reels on Repeat training here:


Using Direct Messages is underrated on Instagram. When optimised it can be great for connecting with customers and potential customers. Direct messaging can make your customer service more personalised and you can tailor it to the customers needs. This can also allow you to be selective in targeting different types of customers. It’s important to reply to all of your DMs as soon as possible to keep a good level of customer service, there are features that are part of direct messages to help make getting back to customers easier such as setting up FAQs and quick replies, these help the business to reply quickly and efficiently.

 If you’ve never used your DMs to reach out to your customers or potential customers and want to know how to then the Dominate your DMs training is for you as you will learn how save time, encourage conversation, and convert to sales!

 You can purchase the Dominate your DMs training here: (INSERT LINK)

 Instagram shop

Do you have an Instagram shop set up?

Instagram shop allows people to shop directly on a brands or business’ profile. Instagram posts can be turned in shoppable posts by tagging products that will then direct customers to your Instagram shop or website. It is a great feature for business’ to use as it makes the customers journey for purchasing a lot quicker and easier. Tagging products in Instagram posts can help develop a users interest to buy the product, especially if images are aesthetically pleasing.

 Around 130 millions users tap on shoppable posts every month and 50% of users have visited a website to buy a product or service they have seen on Instagram! With a dedicated shopping tab on Instagram, it would be a great opportunity for business’ to set up and list their products on Instagram and to be able to reach a wider audience.


The Instagram algorithm can get confusing and not everyone knows how they can use it to their business’ advantage. The algorithm is generally based on a user’s interactions such as who they follow, what they like and what they view. ⁠It helps to determine which content that user will engage with the most and that's the content social media will push for them to see the most of. When a user goes onto social media they will see content that they like on their feed.⁠

 Its important for brands and business’ to know when there are changes to the algorithm as it can affect reach, visibility and engagement. Many people try and work against the algorithm and try and get ahead of it but when provided with the right knowledge it is much better to work with the algorithm and see better results.

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