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Instagram Guides - What You Need to Know

blog estelle Nov 19, 2020

Have you seen that Instagram have now started rolling out guides across the UK. We first heard about Guides way back in May when it was more focussed on health and wellness and I have been patiently waiting ever since but today I can finally show you all from a user’s perspective what guides are and how you can use them to grow your business.

So what are Guides?

You may have seen a new icon appearing on your accounts, it looks like a little book. This is guides. Guides allow you to bring together content all into one place.



To create a guide simply go to your post icon and select guides

Once you have selected guide you can then decide what sort of content you want to share.

Right now you have the choice of products, places or posts.












Places allows you to recommend places…why not shout out your favourite restaurants, takeaways or small businesses?

Products allows you to recommend your favourite accounts that sell products ( winners of our #imxmasgiftguide will be added here ) A great way for influencers to share products they recommend.

Posts allows you to share your favourite posts that you have posted yourself or saved creating mini guides.



 You can also add headings and descriptions to each posts / product you share.



To access other peoples guides simply look for the guides icon as show above.

You can share guides using the arrow icon or use the top 3 dots to share the link directly.

So there you have it the basic beginners guide to guides.

Why not head on over to my Instagram account where you can see my first guide…10 Insta hacks to grow your business…and watch this space for our Immortal Monkey Xmas Gift Guide…coming soon!

Don’t forget you can be in with a chance of getting yourself featured in the IM gift guide by using the #imxmasgiftguide on the posts you would like to have featured.


Until the next time stay safe, much love

Estelle #iminstaqueen

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