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Instagram Introduces Remix Reels

blog estelle May 06, 2021

At the beginning of April, Instagram launched a “remix” feature onto Reels that allowed creators to react to existing Reels. The TikTok like feature has been popular on the competing platform for some time and has even inspired Snapchat to test a remix option too.

This is a fantastic way to give your own take on existing content and when someone remixes a Reel the original creator receives a notification!

Check ours out here

Music sticker finally stays put!

We’ve all been there before… the music sticker was here one second and gone the next. Well, Insta has finally found a permanent home for the sticker and we couldn’t be more relieved. Once you’ve captured your Storie simply tap on the musical note at the top and add your music.

Show your support with the NEW Let’s Get Vaccinated Sticker

Much like the Stay Home sticker which the platform launched right at the beginning of lockdown, the latest Let’s Get Vaccinated sticker is going to help people show their solidarity in the fight against COVID-19.

YOU can now choose to hide Like & View counts

When we first heard about this feature NO ONE was really happy to hear that the social media platform might be taking such control and hiding our Like & View counts.

So, imagine our surprise when Insta revealed it was actually giving users the option to hide Like & View counts on individual posts?!

Check it out here

Instagram Lite now available on Android

After spending three years in the making Instagram have launched a less data and storage-intensive Android-only version of the platform. It will only take up 2MB on your phone and is going live in 170 countries.

This lighter version of the original app will be limited in its range of features available however developers have promised to bring it up to date in the future.

Draft feature for Instagram Stories on the horizon

We’ve all been there before… we’ve taken the perfect Story, are in the middle of editing it to perfection and for whatever reason, we exit the app, our phones glitch or *gasp* our batteries die!

It’s been teased that we might soon come to see a draft function allowing you to save your Stories to come back to later.

Sneak peek…May brings the captions sticker to stories…be sure to check it out here and follow us for all the latest tips, tricks and updates.