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Instagram Updates - Bulk delete, Moderators on Lives and new poll option!

updates Mar 15, 2022

It has barely been 2 weeks since I last shared a blog about all of the latest updates that have been happening over on Instagram, however there have been some new features launched and I couldn't wait a whole 2 weeks to let you know how they work and how you can be using them to grow your business!


Changes in Your Activity tab.

Not only can you manage the time you are spending on the app inside your activity you can now also bulk delete posts, check on your comments, likes and interactions.

My favourite feature here is the bulk delete option. Before now you have had to go through your account and manually archive each post, well no longer!

Simply select the format you want to clean up ( posts, videos, reels ) then hit select, select each of the pieces of content that you want to archive and voila, they are all archived at once. So why is this such a great feature? Not only will it save you time in getting rid of any old or irrelevant posts it also gives you a great opportunity to clean up your account. Get rid of any old content, anything that isnt on brand or relevant anymore. Although most people will only look at the top 12-15 posts there will be those that have a scroll down memory lane so make sure your feed represent you and your business as much as possible!


Save your stories to draft!

This is one im excited about as this is a time saver for sure. Now you can create and save your stories natively inside the Instagram app for up to 7 day which means that you can batch create and have them them ready to go! Got to love a time saving tip right?

Perfect for if you have a sale, launch or event coming up that you want to promote daily with stories...create your promo, save as drafts and then posts as you go through the week. To find out how to create amazing story graphics using canva check out our Members Only Area where we have a full in depth training on Canva as well as hours of trainings on how to grow your business using Instagram.


Moderators on Instagram LIVE

Adam Mosseri Announced a few days ago...

We’re launching Live Moderator on Instagram Live, where creators can assign a mod and give them the power to:  Report comments,  Remove viewers from Live,  Turn off comments for a viewer.

Yes Yes Yes!! Going live is a great way to share content and engage in real time with your audience. I know that when I go live my full focus is on sharing as much as possible and it can sometimes be really hard to keep up with the comments. The new Add Moderator feature will mean that you can have another person 'in the room with you' to help you manage the audience.

So how can you use this feature to help you grow your business?

By having a moderator on your live you can fully focus on the content that you need to deliver rather than having to keep an eye on the comments.

A moderator can reply to comments in real time which means if you are promoting a product or service they can drop a link in to the comment that people can engage with immediately. They can also remove any unwanted followers from disrupting a live with the tap of a button. 

Poll sticker Update

Prior to this update you have the option of adding the poll sticker inside your stories with the choice of 2 options...well you can now add up to 4 choices.

This is a great way to not only increase engagement on your instagram account but also for you to create warm leads and sales. Using the polls sticker is a really easy way to gauge the interest of your followers and to be able to funnel them to the most fitting product or service.

For example...if you are an Air bnb Host you could ask the question...

Anyone else ready for a little getaway?

Share the poll options... Yes I am, Thinking about it, Already booked, Staying home this year.

From each of those responses you will have an idea of which of these accounts will be ready to learn more about what you have to offer. 

For those that say Yes i respond with...Me too, have you thought about where you are going yet? We have some amazing places to visit here in...XYZ. Let me know if you would like to know the best things to do whilst youre here.

For those that say Thinking about it, the response would be similar to the first response, offer value and try and help further.

Those that have already booked, ask them where they are heading...its not always about making an immediate on the relationship...they will be taking another holiday...and potentially with YOU if you make the right impression and build on the relationship by showing an interest and engaging.

And those that reply they are staying at home, why not ask them what they have planned for their Bank holiday etc.


So by giving you the option to add 4 choices Instagram are really allowing the conversation to open up between accounts.

Have you tried using the polls sticker to create warm leads and sales? You can find out more about the process inside our Dominate your DMs training which is just £19.99.


Another great update for stories which will be dropping soon is the mentions in stories AFTER posting. I dont now about you but Im always sharing stories and forgetting to mention people who would have liked to have seen it or have been featured...prior to this update you would have to deleted the original and start again...well the latest on the IG grapevine is that you are going to be able to add mentions after you have update im looking forward to seeing!


Archiving reels....much the same as archiving posts...for me the only reason I would archive is if the audio has been removed...but still a cool new feature non the less.


And finally a bit of a fun update to finish with...3d avatars are coming to stories. Very similar to the will be able to create your own sticker that you can share with many different skin tones, hair styles, expressions and accessories! Cant wait to share mine with you all!


If you would like to stay up to date with all of the latest Instagram tips and tricks then head on over to our Instagram account where you can find out more as it happens inside our Instagram stories!