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Instagram updates 2024 - 6 month round up and all you need to know!

updates Jun 15, 2024

2024 Instagram Updates You Need to Know About!


Hey there, fellow small business owners! If you’re anything like me, you know how crucial it is to stay on top of the latest Instagram updates. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the world of Instagram marketing, these updates can make a world of difference in how you engage with your audience and grow your brand. So, let’s dive into the most exciting Instagram updates of 2024 that you absolutely need to know about!


June: Name Your Draft Reels

Ever spent hours batch-creating reels and then had to re-watch each one just to figure out which is which? Stress no more! Instagram now allows you to add names to your draft reels. This simple but powerful update can save you tons of time and keep your content organised.


May: Shares Are GOLD!

In a recent Q&A, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri revealed that the number of shares a post gets impacts its reach more than comments or watch time. So, how do you create shareable content? Think about what resonates with your audience—humour, entertaining videos, and valuable hacks or tips. If your followers find it share-worthy, they’re more likely to spread the word for you!


New Stickers in Stories

Instagram Stories just got a whole lot more interactive with new stickers like Add Yours Music, Frames, Reveal, and Cutouts. The Reveal sticker, in particular, is a fantastic way to engage viewers—shake to reveal the image! Think creatively about how to incorporate these into your stories, especially when launching new products.


April: Algorithm Changes

Instagram’s algorithm is always evolving, and this April brought four major changes:

  1. Boosting the reach of smaller creators.
  2. Replacing reposts with original content in recommendations.
  3. Adding labels to reposted content and linking back to the original creator.
  4. Removing content aggregators from recommendations.

In simpler terms, original content is king! If you’re creating unique content, expect more recognition and better reach.


Hashtags Are NOT Dead!

Adam Mosseri also confirmed that hashtags are still relevant. When you tap on a hashtag, you’ll see search results for that specific hashtag, and you can still follow, unfollow, or report hashtags. So, keep those hashtags coming!


March: Long-Form Reels and More Carousel Images

Good news for fans of long-form content: Instagram is rolling out 3-minute-long reels to some users. Additionally, the carousel image limit is increasing from 10 to 15 photos. Can’t choose just 10 images for your carousel post? Now you can add more to tell your story more comprehensively.


February: Video Cut-Out Stickers

Following January’s announcement about creating stickers from still images, Instagram now lets you make GIF-like video stickers. This feature adds a fun and dynamic element to your stories.


January: Story Upload Cancellation and Custom Add Yours Templates

Have you ever started uploading an Instagram Story and immediately regretted it? Now you can cancel an in-progress Story upload—lifesaver, right? Plus, the new custom Add Yours templates for Stories have been a game-changer for engagement, allowing you to connect with like-minded people and content you enjoy.

These updates are packed with potential to boost your Instagram marketing strategy. Stay ahead of the curve and make the most out of these features to engage your audience and grow your business.


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