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What you need to know about Instagram - August 2022

updates Sep 06, 2022

First and foremost the biggest thing to happen since the last update is our Insta Queens Guide to Content that Converts has launched and has hit the #1 spot on Amazons best sellers!

As many of you will know I have a HUGE passion for helping business owners to understand how to make more impact using Instagram and this book is just one of the amazing resources We have been working on behind the scenes for a while now.

Of course you can still check out our Instagram trainings inside the Members Area, and my videos and tips are inside the IG Gang over on Facebook but what has been missing is an actual tool that you can personalise.

That you can use to specifically plan and track your success with the help of our tips and tricks!

Something tangible you can hold in your hands...and so We are proud to present...the Insta Queens Guide to Content that Converts!

Are you ready to really make an impact on Instagram but just dont know where to start?

Do you want to get your business seen by thousands more of your ideal clients?

Would you love to use Instagram and Reels but just have no idea where to start?

We have created the ONLY book you need to have that will not only help you understand and make an impact on Instagram but also help you to plan and track your success!

Our Instagram Guide and Planner has been created so that you can stay up to date with all the latest changes whilst spending as little time on Instagram as possible.

Not only do we teach you all you need to know about the platform we also show you how to create content that shows your expertise and draws in those sales!

Learn how to
Create engaging content that gets your business seen
Focus your time on the right features
Create reels that convert to sales and more!

Did we mention you also get access to an online training platform that is constantly updated and all in with the price of the guide!

Now the most exciting news has been announced lets talk about a few of the latest updates that have been happening on Instagram throughout August...and to be honest its been pretty quiet in comparison to previous months.

One update that has been spotted this month is the DUAL feature ( very similar to be real ) where you can use the front and back camera at the same time. There will also be the option to join the Candid Challenge, again a very similar feature to Bereal. Funny that this feature has dropped when the original Bereal app is at number one n the app store! It seems to be picking up a little steam on Instagram but if Im honest I dont think it will be a feature that will be heavily used in comparison to other features.

Now lets talk about predictions...and theres some good ones to look out for in the next few months.

Hobbies and Interests tab. This feature will allow you to add your interests to your profile...we dont have much information on this yet but Im guessing it will all be linked to Instagram wanting to give you an even better user experience and enable them to show you more of the content you want to see....which in return means that they will be showing your audience what THEY want to lets make sure its your content!

Sharing reels with close friends. Another close friends feature which enables you to share your content with a select group of people. A great way to create smaller communities of supporters if you still dont have the subscriber option!

Events. Instagram are trialling an events feature which will enable the host to add a location, time and date and to also add guests. Im really looking forward to seeing the functionality of this as it could open up even more doors for communities to come together!

Communities / Groups on Instagram. Now this is something I cannot wait for...I think Facebook groups have been slowly dying for the past few years and I cant wait to see what features Instagram allow us to have with this new update. Instagram are huge on building community and I think this is just one way that we will see them enabling us to do this with more ease. As far as Im aware you will be able to share stories and posts to your group profile as will members, as Admin you will be able to remove content and delete the profile. Watch this space for our very own Insta Community!

And finally...more ways to monetise with content appreciation or gifting. Instagram will allow your followers to gift you stars charms and mega likes which will boost your bank balance! Once again im guessing the folk here in the UK will be last ( as always ) to be able to access this feature!

If you have spotted any new features we would love to know. Massive thanks as always to Alex193a for the leaks! 

Dont forget you can now stay upto date with all of the latest features and updates using our #1 Amazon Best Seller, The Insta Queens Guide to Content that Converts!