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Instagram updates May 2023

May 22, 2023

This month has seen some amazing new features drop which are going to make it even easier for brands and businesses to create and share engaging content with their followers. Lets take a look at what you have got to look forward to this month.


New ways to edit reels.

Have you seen that there is even more functionality when it comes to editing your reels inside the Instagram app. The new 'Split' feature allows users to split a clip into two and with the Speed option they can even customise the speed of these clips. You can slow down the clip or make it play faster. Lastly, the 'Replace' feature will allow users to swap one clip out for another without actually changing the timing or the order of other clips, audio and other elements in their Reels.

Along with these amazing new features the functionality has also been improved with the pinch to zoom option available to enable even easier editing inside the Instagram app.


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60 second stories

Instagram is gradually implementing another handy feature. It allows users to upload Instagram Stories for up to 60 seconds long, without the ever-frustrating cuts after every 15 seconds.

It’s definitely a very useful feature; the playback of your Story clip will be smoother, and you can include all the user mentions, tags, locations, links, etc. in one longer Story – no need to repeat the process after every 15 seconds, yay!

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Create Collections with friends

Now you can create “Collections” and save your favourite posts in a folder, with your friends / colleagues.

If you use Pinterest, then you will know the “Collaborate” feature that allows you to curate posts in a folder with someone else.

You can do it on Instagram too now.


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Polls in comments on posts

Polls on Instagram are not something new but the app has seen how many people enjoy the feature ever since its launch.

You’ll find creators including polls into their stories so audience members can engage and put out opinions that might be popular for some while unpopular for others. Regular users are also keen on adding polls when they feel they’re not too sure about something.

With polls, it is just a great twist of fun and humor, not to mention unpredictability. After all, you never know what the majority might vote on for a certain topic in question.

Add music to carousel

Recently we have seen the music on post option introduced but Instagram are letting you take your creativity into your carousel posts too. In the same way you can now add audio to your main feed Instagram posts, you will also be able to add audio to multiple image posts too. Watch this space for the option to add a favourite track to your bio too…you heard it here first!

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Comments on stories for all users to see

Another feature that will help to boost engagement and interaction is the comments in stories. This will effectively look similar to a regular comment feed with other users comments being shown at the bottom of the story.


Add up to 5 links in your bio

Instagram is rolling out a new update that can easily replace Linktree and other ‘link in bio’ paid software providers.

To use the feature, tap “Edit profile,” then “Links,” then “Add external link.” You can drag and drop the links in the order you want them to appear.


Creating appointments in app

Great feature if you have a service-based business (coach, hairstylist, nail artist, MUA, etc…).

Do you have clients contacting you via direct message?

Are you ready to set up an appointment with them?

Don’t lose your lead, create an appointment directly in DMs.

The person will be able to add the appointment to their Phone Calendar in one tap. Amazing!


Let me know which of the new features you have already spotted and which you are looking forward to dropping. Screenshot your finds and tag us me in your Instagram stories @estellekeeberofficial 


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