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blog estelle Aug 04, 2020

July 2020 has definitely been an interesting time for business growth and social media updates!!! Are you ready to dive into the latest Instagram changes?

In the last month alone we’ve seen massive changes to Insta including, the ability for your followers to shop from you directly within the app, the arrival of TikTok style Reels, pinning up to 3 comments on each post and so much more … so let’s jump in!

Insta Shops

Instagram is trailing a new way for consumers to shop with their favourite brands without ever having to open another app or website. Making it easier to shop online, your next hang bag, phone case, slogan t-shirt and more will be just one tap away.


After being trailed across India, Germany, France and Brazil it seems these Tik-Tok style Reels are here to stay. Insta Reels will bring about a new way of engaging with your followers by recording a 15 second clip set to music within the app. Which can be shared directly via DM as well as its own tab which will be found your profile. 

It will be shareable with others via a DM style method of contact, as well as feature on the Reel tab on your user profile. Reels will also be getting their own tab on the Explorer Page. 

Pinning Comments in your Feed

All of you should now be able to pin up to 3 comments on your posts. This feature is a great tool to promote the best feedback and testimonials from your followers. When comments are pinned the user of the comment receives a notification too! Great for promoting collaborations, events and more!

Monetising IGTV

Creators are now able to monetise their accounts receiving 55% AD revenue which is quite similar to what YouTube offers. On the same note 50 second ads will start to appear on IGTV with the first companies to explore this new feature being Ikea & Sephora.

On a separate note Insta LIVEs are still a great way to connect with your followers as well as interest brands and business you want to collaborate with. 

Between February and March 2020 Insta noted that the rates of engagements on LIVE increased by 70% based on the previous months ratings. As people drive more towards LIVEs to catch up with their families, friends, co-workers, idols and key influencers daily lives. 

Typography Update on Insta Stories

Insta are FINALLY updating the font options in their Stories! The update will include new fonts and upgraded styles ranging from editorial looks to simpler everyday fonts. No more having to use the 1 million and one other apps you have on your phone. 

Going Pro on Insta LIVE

We’re all pretty much fed up of Zoom. Which is why Insta has levelled-up their communication game with their own version of Facebook’s Messenger Rooms. Not only can you create a unique chat pod but you can now stream LIVE to your members! 

You’ll also be able to soon share graphics onto the screen during a LIVE, visible to all your audience, which is a great way of giving a more professional look and feel even from the comfort of your own home office.

So there you have it … have you seen any of these updates recently? Don’t forget to tag me on social media at @estellekeeberofficial and don’t forget you can join our FREE private Facebook Instagram Gang group for daily insta tips and inspo.

Until next time,

Stay safe … 

Estelle a.k.a #instaqueen