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Law of Attraction

blog guest blogs Dec 01, 2020

I could talk all day about the impact that mindset work and the law of attraction has had on my life and on my clients lives. All of this has impacted on my recovery from a series accident, improved my relationships, grown my business, won me awards, brought me amazing opportunities that I never thought possible. It has helped me to cross off the images on my vision boards and so much more.

The law of attraction is a universal law, just like gravity. It is not a new trend, it has been documented back to 1900’s. Athletes use the basis of the law of attraction and visioning to achieve amazing wins and achievements.

The principle of the law of attraction is simply everything is vibrating energy, like energy attracts like energy. You have the power to manipulate the energy around you and attract in all you desire by utilising this principal. The law of attraction is always work no matter if you are harnessing it to bring you your desires or not.

When you have a bad morning and you decide it’s going to lead to a bad day or bad things come in threes and suddenly you have a bad day or two more bad things happen. That is manifesting, because you are so sure that will be the outcome, you focus on it, put out the energy and attract it in.

However I often find that putting it into practice yourself and seeing the impact and possibilities is the most powerful way to understand what opportunities that the right mindset and harnessing the law of attraction brings.

Have you ever written down your dreams and tried to attract them, but nothing happened. It takes so much more than just wishing and imagining. It takes connection, and action.

I wanted to give you my top 5 mindset tips and my top 5 manifesting tips so you can start doing this for yourself. 

Let’s start with mindset.



  1. Start your morning the right way with between 3 & 5 gratitudes. Take time to list what you are grateful for no matter how small.
  2. While getting ready in the morning and before bed recite three positive affirmations. These are positive statements about you and what you can achieve.
  3. Use a journal to brain dump all your thoughts positive and negative, this works as a release and you can go back and reflect.
  4. Connect with nature, get outdoors each day. Don’t take your phone, take time to connect back with you, take deep slow breaths, if you can do this bare foot even better. Even just five minutes can make such a difference.
  5. Take time to do something for you. This could be something to develop you personally (even just listening to a podcast or reading) or do something just for you. Something you enjoy and love (this can be as simple as having a coffee in peace) and do one of these things even for a short time each day.

Now onto manifesting.

  1. Get clear on when you feel negativity and then work back to see the root of this. Why do you not feel capable or worthy?
  2. Create a vision board and take time to focus on this several times a day, including just before you fall asleep. If you are not sure about how to do this there is a free training available in my group, details of this are at the bottom of the page.
  3. Take 3 minutes at least once a day to visualise you achieving your goals/desires. You can do this using your vision board, a vision story, however this works for you.
  4. When doing the above you MUST connect on an emotional level, how would it really feel, what would you see, smell, touch.
  5. Believe. Have 100% certainty it will come to you. You need to believe your desires are already yours, you are simply on the path to them, but you already have them. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow you have to believe.

When you are putting all of this into practise it is important to remember to not be too strict with timings, you can have an ideal date or a guide but not a deadline. Stay open to possibilities, remain aligned, there truly are no limits to what you are capable of.

Staying open to the possibilities also means taking inspired action. The universe will put opportunities in front of you to take you on the path towards your desire, with the right mindset you will see these, and feel able to take this action even if it pushes you outside your comfort zone. After all that’s where the magic happens.

It takes 21 days to make a habit, so for the next 21 days I challenge you to make new habits. Put time in your diary every day to make changes to your mindset and start your manifesting journey. Taking this action now will change your future.

I would love to know how you find putting these tips into practice, drop me a message at @TheLawOfAttractionClique and you can also join my facebook group @TheLawOfAttractionMindset-MindsetAnd Manifesting where you can catch up on some amazing free training I have been offering recently. I am also on Instagram @TheLawOfAttractionClique