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Lock On To Love In Lockdown

blog guest blogs Dec 07, 2020

“Lock On to Love in Lockdown’ with MetaWellBeing : Top Tips to Empower Yourself Inside-Out” 

‘Establish a Personal Self-Care Routine – You Deserve It’ 

Set your alarm early or leave curtains open to wake with daylight

As you come round still lying in bed, visualise a positive, productive day ahead

Do some gentle stretches, tuning into your body and checking how you are feeling

Use conscious breathing in through the nose to calm and soothe

Wake up your body with a warm/hot and then invigorating cold shower 

Choose what colour ‘feel good’ clothes you want to wear and get dressed 

Plan your day and ensure regular breaks away from electronic devices; equal rest/activity

First drink of the day; hot water and fresh lemon. Rest of the day; Sip water up to 2 litres

Have protein in your breakfast for sustaining energy levels naturally

Schedule a daily power-nap after lunch for half an hour and before 3:00p.m.

Walk in nature every day with mindfulness and appreciation of your surroundings

‘Back to Basics Business – With Loving Kindness’

Benchmark your daily tasks/projects to measure achievement progress

Be proactive and prioritise only what needs to be done

At the end of your day write down 3 things which you appreciated and valued

To make a permanent change you have to Practise, Practise, Practise! 

“Always to your Success in Health, Harmony and Happiness” – Susan   X


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