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Meta Down... Now What? The Ultimate Guide for Small Business Owners

updates Mar 05, 2024

As one of the UK's leading Instagram experts, I've witnessed firsthand the chaos that ensues when the mighty Meta goes down. Within just 15 minutes of the outage, "Instagram/Facebook down" was trending on Twitter, leaving thousands of users per minute stranded without access to their cherished accounts. For the average user, this might be a minor inconvenience, but for business owners like you and me, it can spell disaster – the kind that can cost us thousands of pounds and potentially thousands of customers.


So, what's the game plan when the platforms we've built our businesses on suddenly crash? The truth is, you can't prevent these glitches, bugs, or outages. Meta and other platforms will inevitably face technical hiccups, usually resolved within hours. But imagine the nightmare of losing your social accounts permanently – years of hard work, connections, and networking wiped out in a millisecond. The sheer devastation is enough to make any business owner break out in a cold sweat.


I've had countless businesses reach out to me in a state of panic after losing access to their social media accounts. And let me tell you, they're right to panic. But fear not, my entrepreneurial comrades, for I bring you a simple solution, a lifeline amidst the chaos – build an email list!


Your email list is your fortress. When Meta takes a nosedive or your account is compromised, you can still communicate with your audience via email. And guess what? Effective communication can rebuild your socials should the need arise. I've seen it happen time and time again.


Now, you might be wondering how to go about building that all-important email list. Well, the key is to offer something of value to your audience, something so enticing that they willingly hand over their email addresses. You've probably heard it called a lead magnet or an opt-in.


Let me share a little secret with you – one of my most successful email campaigns was crafted for International Women's Day. It featured tips and advice on navigating the business world as a woman and showcased the stories of multiple successful women. This lead magnet skyrocketed my email list by over 1500 subscribers in less than a week.


The moral of the story? Have a plan B. Never leave the fate of your business solely in the hands of social media giants. It's time to take back control and build your very own list of amazing people who genuinely love your business, products, or services.


If you find yourself in need of guidance on creating a social media strategy that makes a real impact in less time or simply want to bolster your email list, drop me an email. Let's chat about how my services can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing and ensure your business remains resilient in the face of any Meta mayhem.


Remember, the power is in your hands – not theirs. Here's to building a business that stands strong, no matter what the digital world throws our way!