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Surviving Lockdown…again!

blog estelle Nov 05, 2020

As we enter the second UK lockdown ( here in Leicester it feels like we have spent 6 months in lockdown ) I know there are so many business owners out there who are in a blind panic and thinking WFT do I do now.

Its been heart-breaking to see so many posts across my social media of shops closing down and business owners not knowing where to turn.

It was after writing an article for We are the City   that I realised there was something that I could do. I could share my journey openly, I could share my tips and knowledge to help others AND I could tap into my amazing community to help a wider audience!

And so after this weekends announcement I decided that along with sharing my regular business tips and tricks across my socials I was also going to step up and do more but I am only one person and so with the help of an incredible group of people we have now created an amazing FREE resource. Surviving Lockdown as a small business is a self help guide to help you master whatever lockdown throws at you. Whether you need support with your mindset and goal planning, assistance with grants and funding or maybe ideas on how to improve engagement on your social media. We have you covered.

The FREE download will be available from next week and we cannot wait to share it with you guys.

But for now….what can you do to keep your business going?

Don’t panic – I know it’s easier said than done but looking at your situation with a clear head is the best way forward. During the pandemic many things are out of our control, even down to leaving our homes at times. So, start to think about the things that you DO have control over. Like your mindset and routine. Regardless of what is going on around you, focus on what YOU need to do to to stay sane!

Allow yourself to be supported – Whether this is your family, friends, business acquaintances or online communities, make sure that you feel supported. There are so many online support networks…you shouldn’t be going through this alone. Connecting with similar people who are also business owners and entrepreneurs will help you to feel connected and part of something, being an entrepreneur can be very isolating!

Brainstorm your skills and be ready to adjust – It’s been incredible to see the rise in people becoming self-employed and from listening to my audience this has been brought on by the fact that so many people have realised that they have many other skill sets that the ones they are using most. Literally sit and write down all the skills and passions you have, these will be transferable and will open many opportunities for you once you acknowledge you have them!

Get online – At points, the online space was the only way we could connect and grow. Many business owners having to totally rethink their strategies and take their offline business online. Social media is FREE and one of the best marketing tools you could have. Think about the ways in which you could take yourself and your business online to meet your audience’s needs.

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For more support head on over to our Facebook group –

So until the next time…stay safe, stay sane and keep an eye out for the FREE ebook!