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Surviving Lockdown As A Small Business Blog

blog estelle guest blogs Nov 11, 2020

2020 has been the craziest of years and I feel your struggle as small business owners and thats why, for the second time this year I have created a survival guide that will help you stay sane and build your business during lockdown. Whether you need advice on how to pivot in your business, access funding and grants, generate new ideas or simply stay sane…we have you covered!

Before the second lockdown here in the UK had even started, we were working hard behind the scenes to get things moving and boom…3 days after lockdown starts ( and just a week after the announcement ) the guide is a reality!

But this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of lots of other amazing business owners who wanted to offer their support and guidance so this blog is a huge shout out to them!

Laura Goodsell

Hi, I’m Laura an award winning Web and Canva designer, I love to help small businesses with their design work and understand how important our business budget is, so I help by teaching you how to create graphics and websites yourselves.

Rachel Devereux

Rachel is a busy mum of 4. She helps people make life easier, save time and feel better. With stress being the underlying cause of many health concerns, she takes her knowledge of health and helps people work on reducing stress to prevent ill health, protect their futures, and still find enjoyment in today. Burnout and overwhelm affect so many people, especially parents who are having to work and be the parent they want to be. By working with parents, she enables them to stop, pause, breathe – reflecting on what is really happening not just reacting to events as they occur. This supports the wellbeing of the whole family. Her ethos focuses on environment and health, changing lives in simple steps sustainably.

You, lucky reader, are going to be treated to my signature “Meditate in a Moment” technique. For those moments where life makes you want to explode – whether it be the kids, a business contact, or a relationship – or the worst! The call to the utility suppliers!!!!

Karen Goulding

My name is Karen Goulding and I help other mums like me to start and grow their online business. I provide Facebook marketing training and mindset coaching with a mission to inspire mums to build their business with alignment and fun. I run a Facebook Group called Mums on the Rise – Marketing & Mindset for Ambitious Mumpreneurs

Lilli Badcock

Lilli has shared how to create a winning mindset

Lilli Badcock is a professional Singer turned Transformational Confidence and Spiritual Purpose Coach. She provides intuitive guidance to those who are waking up to their true purpose in life. She also uses Singing as a tool for emotional healing, confidence building and spiritual enlightenment.

Lisa Norman

My name’s Lisa Norman and I set up The Ideas Incubator to help with business owners struggling with ideas generation. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. Im also the cofounder of presents for preemies alongside Stacey Matthews.

Julia Rekia

Hi, I’m Julia. Mum to 3 as well as a multi skilled Holistic Therapist and Naturopath. I turned towards natural and holistic therapies to support two of my children who have disabilities. I now specialise in virtual consultations to help people harness the powers of the natural approach for their health and in the process of creating a range of affordable organic skincare and cosmetics for launch in early 2021.

Julia shares her tips on supporting your health and wellbeing whilst working from home.

Sara Appleton

Sara share her tips on marketing.

Are you among the Golden Age of 2020 entrepreneurs or found your business affected this year? How do you manage your marketing? Do you struggle to think of content to post? Or perhaps you feel you just need a little help, but don’t want to spend too much!? My services cater for any scenario, with a range of options that will help your customer communications as you grow.

Nicola Harker

Nicola has share her amazing tips on how to thrive in a time like this!

Nicola Harker is a doctor and women’s trauma coach. She mostly works with purpose-driven women who feel held back by past trauma, helping them to thrive and get back to their true selves.

Judith McFadden

Judith McFadden BSc, is the Queen of Calm , Mind & Body Specialist. She facilitates change holistically and has over 20 years experience. She leads her clients to regulate their nervous system and bring the body, mind and spirit back into order. She is a qualified Physio, Bodyworker and Coach, Postural Specialist, NLP, EFT, and Rapìd Transformational Therapist. She shares her tips to keeping calm.

Susan Gardner – The Life Surgeon Https://

Susan shares her thoughts and ideas how how to empower yourself inside and out.

Sian Lewis-Evans

In these strange times, it can be hard to remain motivated and positive when we there as so many unknowns out there. You can channel frustrations and anger into motivation and positivity. So here are some tips to help boost yourself during any periods where you may need it.

Sian shares her top tips for positivity.

Duncan Price

We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves as business owners to ‘keep busy’ and ‘push on’ but countless studies show that taking time out and being proactive in looking after yourself produces greater productivity than attempting to maintain the hard grind. Check out the guide for some QUICK things you can do to look after yourself better.

Jen Goddard

Back in 2017 Jen was a very busy wife and mother to two young boys with a successful career in financial services and a lovely home near the sea. It felt like life should have been good but instead she was exhausted and, quite frankly, miserable. She was so busy serving everyone else’s needs and demands that she was worn out. Jen had to learn to take time for herself, set some much needed boundaries and in doing so rekindled her passion for life and discovered a new passion for helping women going through the same thing. Now, as a One of Many Certified Women’s Coach, Jen will help you to identify the blocks getting in the way of your own joy, to make space for your needs and to move towards the life you truly want.

Jen shares her advice on making the shift.

Sarah Higgs

Sarah is a Mum of 4, a social media junkie and an entrepreneur. I’m the owner of a business that sells children’s book and usually one of our busiest times of the year is March. Why? Because of World Book Day and the volume of books we sell to schools at this time. But what happened in March this year? All the schools shut! all the work we had put in preparing had returned nothing and March flopped. However, from the 1st of April things changed and we have had the best 6 months ever! We have nearly doubled our business sales from £386,176 in the 6 months prior to the 1st of April to sales of a staggering £726,784 in the 6 months from the 1st of April, with June being the highest sales volume we have ever seen. I’m not telling you this to impress you, but to hopefully show you that even when things seem so tough, when the world has changed and the way you are used to doing business suddenly stops, there is still so much opportunity out there that you can make the most of. So, this is my guide on how to move your business online.

Katie Lyth Roxy Bond

TWISN have shared their favourite tips on raising your visibility online.

The Wedding Industry Supplier Network help small to medium sized wedding businesses with their marketing and confidence so that they can take more bookings for their products and services. We do this with with a variety of books, business templates, events and membership options, along with tailored coaching for those who want a more personalised plan inside of their business.

Sarah Sienkiewicz

Sara is founder of the healing business and has shared her stratedgies on taking the next steps in your business.

In this mini-guide you have some useful coaching questions to help you identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that this situation is bringing you. This is known as a SWOT analysis. The aim is that you can start to look at the situation objectively and be well informed to plan your next steps with confidence.

Fabrizia Costa

FABRIZIA COSTA is a photographer, designer, business and branding consultant. She’s an international speaker and her business course for photographers has changed the lives of many. Fabrizia shares her tips on creating a powerful brand.

Liz Rowe

Liz has shared her tops tips on managing your finances.

I offer 1:1 confidential support and has a few pro bono slots free. I can refer you to professional Financial Experts who will review your insurance and finances, or refer you to get a free financial game plan to help you plan for the future. Be sure to follow the socials and give me a shout if you need more help! Please don’t worry in silence, I can help or refer you to a service who can support you.

Surviving lockdown as a small Business is now available for free download!

A 52 page pdf covering everything from finance and funding to mindset and online visibility! Sign up here:



Please share with any business communities, owners or start ups!


Until next time…stay safe

Estelle aka Insta Queen