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Why The Basics Of Instagram Are Important

blog estelle Jun 10, 2021

Anyone can use Instagram, is it especially important for businesses to take advantage of Instagram that basically provides free marketing! Perfecting the fundamentals of Instagram is so effective and sometimes overlooked…the simplest of changes can make the biggest differences!

The first thing that someone will see when they visit your profile is you bio description. Your bio is crucial and is one of the things that will determine if someone wants to continue browsing on your account. Making your bio as clear as possible is so important for to attract your ideal audience. You should introduce who you are who are, what you do and what you provide. Your bio should be updated as and when things change, so revisiting and auditing your bio is a must on a regular basis. Bios can include a few points with some emojis to make it stand out more and fun.



Go and take a look at your bio and see if it’s as up to date as it can be!

Another fundamental of using Instagram is knowing who your audience is! The main audience that you want to be engaging with is the audience that will buy your products and services. If you are unsure of who your audience is then you won’t be able to make the most out of using Instagram to grow your business.

Do you know what type of audience you want to be engaging with? Do you know your ideal client? If you are unsure of any of these then these are the types of questions you need to asking yourself and finding the answers to! If you aren’t sure who your client is then you can’t be sure if your Instagram page is attracting them. Knowing this information is crucial as it can help you create content for right audience and know if it is engaging them or not. Keeping your content relevant and knowing what your audience wants to see is so important. Using your Instagram insights is a brilliant way of you finding out who is engaging with your content, these analytics can really help you to boost engagement on your page.





KNOWING your target audience is knowing the types of account they follow and the hashtags they follow. This can give you a great idea of what type of content your audience engages with and how you can in cooperate within your own account. It’s all about research! Social media is so fast paced and always changing and the only way to keep up is too constantly research and analyse!

A simple way to increase your visibility  and help you engage with the right audience is hashtags! Just by using hashtags you can reach people that you want engaging with your business. (if you are struggling to come up with hashtags then our Immortal Monkey Hashtag Directory is a great investment! Link to:

One of the best things that you can do for your Instagram account is to just truly be yourself! DO NOT show up as anyone other than yourself. People will genuinely appreciate the honestly and authenticity when you are yourself. It is how you’ll be able to build trust with your followers.

Just because you have a business account it doesn’t have to ALL be business, of course it is down to preference but you are able to share more personal content as well! Sharing more personal content will help you to build better relationships with you followers/customers and be more relatable. Just by sharing the story behind your business and putting out the face behind the business can get people to connect with the business. If your account is all business with no personal element then a simple post introducing yourself and telling your story is a great place to start connecting with your audience more! And if you don’t want to get so personal or put your face out there then showing followers the work that goes on behind the scenes will help them appreciate the business a bit more especially when purchasing a product/service!

Being able to connect with your audience and following on a more personal level will more than likely help turn passive followers into more long term followers/customers. Many people may be unsure about sharing personal content on a business page but it can be done! You can share a good balance of business and personal content and still keep a professional profile! If you want to get the basics of Instagram down then why not invest in our Insta back to basics course just £39.99!