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Your Instagram DMO for guaranteed growth!

Jan 31, 2022

One of the most common complaints I hear from clients is that they dont have the time to spend on I dont know about you but I for sure have better things to be doing than spending hours a day on Instagram...however I do want to see my business grow how can you do both?

Having a Daily Method Of Operation makes showing up on Instagram easier and cause less overwhelm than trying to do everything all the time.

Follow our DMO, spend less than 30 mins a day on Instagram and still see results.

Lets go!

My 10 step DMO

1 - Start your day with a story. It doesnt have to be complicated. What are you drinking? Whats your view? How do you start your morning? Something as simple as a story showing your favourite mug will help people get to know you. ( 2 minutes )

2 - Respond to any DMs that have come in overnight. Never leave your DMs for more than 24 hours. ( less than 5 minutes )

3 - Before you post LIKE and comments from your last post. This will notify the accounts and encourage them to check out your new content. ( less than 1 minute )

4 - Post ( or schedule ) planned content ( 5 minutes )

5 - Share your post to stories ( 1 minute )

6 - Engage with 20 stories Use the quick responses to save time. ( 5 minutes )

7 - Spend 10 minutes engaging with the hashtags your ideal clients are searching. ( 10 minutes )

8 - Spend 5 minutes scrolling the feed and engage with people you already follow. ( 5 minutes )

9 - Save any reels you come across

10 - Share a final thought before you switch off for the day. ( 2 minutes )


And there you have it. My 10 point DMO that is guaranteed the help save you time and stress when it comes to showing up and growing your business using Instagram.


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