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Instagram reels updates, new DM features AND Reels on Facebook - February 2022

updates Feb 22, 2022

OMG we are not even at the end of the month and we have already seen some insane updates from our friends over at Instagram. From new reels features to safer usage for our children…we got it all.


So lets start with some of the fun stuff…

New Reels feature – sound effects


Another week another Instagram update and yes, you guessed it…another feature in Instagram Reels.

The latest update (which I predicted way back in December ) has finally dropped and means that you can get even more creative in your Instagram reels.

So how can you use this new feature?

Open up reels and select the music icon. This will then give you another menu which will include sound effects.

Select sound effects and this will then open a new menu with a choice of sound effects that you can then apply to your reel.

The sound effects can be used over basic audio and music too.


Can you tell which sound effect I used in this reel?


The one thing I want to stress is that the sound effects are there to enhance your reels…think about what will add even more impact. Maybe the punch as you transition? Maybe the doorbell if your showing an unboxing? Don’t go crazy and add in sound effects just for the sake of it…this will just confuse your audience and put them off watching more of your amazing content!


Next up we have the new quick send feature in DMs. Now I have been lucky enough to have been using this for a few weeks now and didn’t even think to share…durrr.

Its not really a major move for Instagram when it comes to updates however it does mean that you can share posts even quicker than before…but only to the last 4 people you interacted with.  

Whilst we are on the topic of DMs have you spotted the new icon down in your chat bar? It looked to me at first a bit like the location or map icon however this is actually your share content button.

Tap the icon to be shown posts you have liked, saved and that Instagram think you would like, and then send them directly to another account, again not a game changer but another way that Instagram are trying to make the flow of sharing content a little easier for its followers.


90 second reels…yes Instagram have now started rolling out the 90 second feature, this means you can create feature length reels! Not sure if Im going to manage to keep anyone attention for 90 seconds…but Im interested to see some of the amazing content to come from this update…imagine little mini films on reels!


And…finishing up the updates with a biggy!

Facebook have now launched REELS! Now personally I’m not really a fan of FB ( my gang are on the Gram ) so I wont be creating reels there natively, however I am never going to say no to a bit of extra visibility.

When creating your reels for Instagram you will now see a toggle at the bottom that asks would you like to have FB share your reel…Well HELL YES! Again, another way that you can be increasing your reach using reels!


The only glitch that I have found is that some of the audios cannot be used on FB and so they wont share, but this is not the case with all the reels ive shared since this update dropped.


So now we have covered some of the latest updates how about we look at a few predictions that me and my friends on the gram think are about to drop…

Pin post to profile…this will be amazing when it drops and means that you can draw even more attention to those posts that you REALLY want your audience to see.

And…more options using polls.

The polls sticker has been around for a while now and is for sure a favourite when it comes to helping you increase engagement in your Instagram stories…so what could make this feature even better…erm how about giving your audience 4 poll choices! Yes you heard it here first…multiple options coming to polls!


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