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Screenshot notifications on Instagram have arrived!

updates Apr 06, 2022

New features and predictions.

In March 2022 Instagram release their new feed layouts which you can read all about in our previous blog. 

Not only have they introduced a new feed they have also dropped a few new updates too. Lets dive in!

One of my favourite features to be released is the option to create a reel from your story highlights. This is the perfect way for anyone who doesn’t like being in video to create valuable reels.

So let me talk you through. Your highlights are below your bio and are a collection of stories that you have saved. To save a story to a highlight simply share your story and then bottom left of the screen is a heart which will then add your story to the highlight, where it will then stay until your remove it, unlike stories which only last for 24 hours.

I recommend you use your highlights to showcase your best bits that users would want to see before anything else. This can be testimonials, bestselling products or quick tips and how to’s. Think of your highlights as photo albums of all your best bits.

Once you have a highlight created, you go into the highlight, tap the 3 dots at the bottom and select convert to reel. Next step is to select the music you want for the reel. Instagram have made it even easier to create cool reels with the auto sync to music option which means the stories will be set to the time of the music and all you need to do is then add your copy/caption to the reel.

If you’re a more visual learner you can watch our reel which shows you the step by step process here.



Next update ive spotted is not business related however I thought it was worth sharing.

Did you know that you can see when someone screenshots your content?

Well, not all your content however Instagram have now introduced a way you can see if someone screenshots a DM that yu have sent to only be viewed once (similar to snapchat).

So heres how it works.

If you share an image via DM and have set it to ‘only show once’ if the person who received it screenshots the image you will then see a notification which shows you it has been screenshot.

Not quite sure how I feel about this new update…I would love to know your thoughts…do you even use this feature?


Next up prediction for the next few months and there’s going to be a lot!

One prediction we have already discussed a few weeks ago is the multiple links in bio which IG are trialing right now. Personally, I have link in bio redirect links set up using my website. You can also use apps such as However, if you didn’t want to use a 3rd party app this will be a really useful feature that will give your audience even greater choice and will make using the app even easier.

Next prediction is that polls in group chats are about to drop in the UK. Users in USA have already had access to this feature however I don’t have it yet.

So how can you use the new feature when it does drop…heres a few ideas.

Do you have a group message of clients? You could use the poll to ask what they would like to see from you next.

Do you have a group message of attendees to a workshop or training? You could use the poll to ask for feedback on the event.

Do you have a group message for your team? You could use the poll to ask where people when they are available for team meetings.

Do you have a membership group? You could use the poll to ask what trainings or resources they would like to see next.

Next up…Instagram are working on sharing a status update AND showing when you are online. Now Im sure that the ‘who is online’ feature was rolled out a while ago and we had the choice to turn it on and off…again I think this will be the case when the feature is introduced.

Now this one is exciting….Instagram are working on being able to share posts from other accounts into your REELS! This would be a great feature for collaborations and will enable your content to be shared far and wide without you having to do any further work!


Keep your eyes peeled for Subscriptions. Another feature I talked about a while ago – This is still rolling out however I’ve seen sneak peeks of the new icons and how subscriptions will look on the feed and I cannot wait for it to drop in the UK!


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 Thanks to @alex193a for keeping me updated!